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I am forever grateful to my clients, who welcome me into their stories and their lives, and share the beauty of who they are with me.   I am inspired by each and every one of you and am honored to work with you.

Thank you for the gift of being your coach.

“Rebekah really helped me identify, shape, and turn interior goals into outer patterns of manifestation. She always had a patient and kind tone when discussing my plans with me, which is a rarity in real life. Simply knowing I would be checking in with her kept me on track to not just do a lot more, but also allowed me to spend more time figuring out what I wanted from life.” – Yanyan Huang, artist

“I met Rebekah at a local workshop as I was struggling with work/life balance. I knew through Rebekah’s energy, sincerity and knowledge an inquiry about her coaching was necessary. Rebekah and I worked together for several months on figuring out what work/life balance meant to me, how my values play a role in that and areas of growth. Her strengths based approach allowed me to feel confident in my work, but also personally. Rebekah is very mindful in listening to what you are struggling with which allowed me to be vulnerable and honest in the areas I need to work on.  I truly enjoyed our work together and appreciate Rebekah’s kindness and knowledge. If you are looking at diving into areas of your life you are grappling with or if you just need a little boost, I highly recommend coaching with Rebekah!” – Steph, Clinical Social Worker

“I greatly valued the opportunity to work with Rebekah, who’s a compassionate, grounded, and inspiring coach. I was struggling with balancing the demands of two careers with limited time and energy. She helped me to identify personal and professional goals and strategies, which were not merely tasks but rather new and positive ways of approaching each day with balance. I had often heard the term “self care,” but Rebekah is the one who led me to understand that it is just as important to prioritize as one’s to-do list.”  – Audrey, artist


“Rebekah is an amazing coach! She really listens to me and holds my agenda. I never once felt judged or as if I was making a mistake. It was nice to have someone who was able to intuitively ask me questions to get my thoughts going and I had a lot of ah-ha moments from her just letting me work things out in my head. She was always pushing me forward and let me feel safe in my decisions. She is always helping me take things in bite sized chunks and that is what really helped the most. Sorting it out and then making a plan. “  – Amy Deever, CPC, ELI-MP, Sonshine Coaching


“Rebekah is a gentle guide. She helped me see patterns of behavior that were not serving me. Together, we worked through how to make small but powerful changes in the ways I react to events. She gave me the tools I needed to make healthier decisions. I am so thankful that I found her!”                                        – Amanda, San Francisco


“… a very pleasant and joyful experience to coach with Rebekah!  She has such a peaceable and calm nature about her that simply makes talking to her comfortable and a place of ease. I loved her sensitivity and intuition that she gracefully applied during all of our conversations, but especially those that were more ‘tender to the touch’.  She always seemed so in tune and connected with me on the other line as if she were sitting right beside me and such a great listener…thank you for being so genuine and sincere”.  –  Cicely V. Wilson, “The Pathfinder”(Empowerment Coach)