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Rebekah’s Story

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin

A bit of My Story


Transitions are my middle name.

I have learned to embrace, welcome, and navigate transitions with a sense of adventure that has truly saved me and my sanity.  Now, I help others along the sometimes bumpy and rough roads of transition – job, career, life changes, relationship changes, …because life is full of transitions, isn’t it.  Without them, we would become stagnant and never grow nor experience life fully.  So, if we have to go through them, then why not traverse those transitions with more joy, and lightness, and grace?

When I realized that I was not playing enough, nor living my life in ways that felt good to me, I started paying more attention to the whispers that were in fact becoming much louder in my body and mind.  I began to loosen the tight hold I had on my “old stories”.  You know, those old tapes that keep playing over in our mind.  The stories of what we chose or didn’t choose to do at certain moments in life, what happened to us, or what we didn’t expect to see come our way.   We sometimes simply forget the amazing human beings we truly are.

My career path of teaching, training, working with international populations, families, teachers, and students of all ages has taught me that as unique and different as we all are – and yes, you are given gifts that no one else on the planet has!  – we all at the deepest root of who we are, want to love and be loved, feel purpose, and connection, and live in joy.

I literally had to travel across the country and back, from east to west to midwest….to discover parts of myself that needed to have space to simply “be”….and the journey is always evolving.  I went to where I could expand and open up to the rich discoveries that were with me all along.  I found new tribes and forged new paths on the West Coast, and allowed myself to finally let go a little….let go of expectations of others, of trying to be someone I thought I was supposed to be, of attempting to fit into others’ molds, of seeking approval over seeking my desires.   Loving and accepting the path I am on, has brought me to a brighter vision of who I am and what I want.

It is absolutely a continuous journey, and life long adventure and guess what?  There is no “I’ll get there” or “I will get it all figured out and then I can enjoy more of my life….” or whatever we want to say to put things in our life on hold.  There is actually no “there”.  Your life is now.  Truly, it is happening now in the very moment.  And we always have a choice as to how  we want to experience our life.  It is a choice and a constant effort to re-affirm your truth every day.

After a long series of transitions, receiving support in many shapes and forms, some coaching and vast soul seeking, it became clear to me, that I was meant to transform my experiences by empowering and supporting others and helping to bring more lightness and ease into others’ lives.  My path and purpose is now to empower you and others to discover what makes your soul come alive, what speaks to you, what makes your heart sing……how to remember to simply be you – and that that truly is enough – in fact that may very well be your path to living your life fully.  To live your days, authentically, whole-heartedly, with an open heart, and in alignment with what you value and want.  Start today with one small step.


Who I am

I am a seeker, an explorer, a vibrant soul who is dedicated to empowering you to live your best life

I am a relationship builder and natural connector, who lives, breathes and values the power of connection and relationships.

I am a life long learner, a friend, a lover, a sister, a daughter, a trainer, a coach, a dancer, a teacher, a writer, a lover of life, an adventurer, an explorer, a freedom seeker, a “break -the-rules” woman….and always growing and expanding

I am your coach if you choose to invite me to walk alongside your beautiful journey for a bit, and be just one of the many guides in your life to hold you accountable with a gentle, yet firm touch to empower you to live out dreams and goals, take the action you know you are ready to take, and with clarity create what you desire for your life, with ease, grace and some fun!


Few Stats

I am trained and certified as a Core Energy Coach via iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching™ process and Energy Leadership™ framework.  The Core Energy Coaching process helps bring out the potential in people by tapping into their inner purpose and passion and connect that with outer goals and tasks to bring sustainable and desired results.

I bring experience primarily from the education and non-profit world, and have taught, trained, worked with and learnt from students and clients, ages 3 – 73.  My career started as a public school teacher, (B.A., Sociology and Education), and then included working in community outreach and programming to serve families and children. Then, on to an MA, in Intercultural Relations and Training, to understand and delve into intercultural communication, training in the realm of diversity and intercultural awareness, and how our bias, stereotypes, and own sense of who we are, impacts how we see the world, and how we interact with others.

As an intercultural trainer with international adult professionals, I have trained, advised and empowered people from all over the world, on how to regain confidence, understand the American culture, and take action with tools, skills and understanding of the job search in the U.S., in order to re-establish their careers in the U.S.

I am grateful for the hundreds of people I have served and worked with  – and taught, advised, trained, coached – as I have also been the perpetual “student” learning from each of them.


What I love

I love celebrating life and people.  I love stories and witnessing the power of our stories and how they touch us, and inspire us and all those who we connect to.  I love experiencing the aha moments, the release of fear, and welcoming in of love and life into our hearts.  I love to create, to dance, to play, to learn, to grow.  I love to listen, to be curious, to guide, to honor the authentic and genuine individuality we each hold in our body, mind and spirit.  I love to help people remember how they are amazing beings, that each one of us is here to live freely, share our talents with the world, and live in connection and joy.

My work is to help people have the courage to see the dark side and shadows that are lurking in our lives, that block us, halt us at full stop in our tracks, hold us back from living what we want, and ultimately prevent us from stretching and growing into who are are.  I love helping others to rediscover that we all have a light that we can shine on those dark spaces and that is where things get really juicy and sweet!  Trust me, the light is always there for us.  But we need to be willing to look, and peer into those caves, and scary places from time to time.  The fear speaks to us, because it is often time for a change that opens us to wondrous possibilities, allowing us to live our purpose and grow and expand into a fuller self.  The fear needs a place to be heard and held too.  It deserves some witnessing so we can move on to what is beyond it.  And it really doesn’t have to be so hard …. with support, finding our way can be a soul enriching journey that opens us up for even more awe and abundance.


What I believe

I believe that we truly are here on this planet to grow, learn and then share what we learn with each other.  And to try to have fun along the way. Why wait any longer to live your true self and what you want to experience in your life?

We do not have all the time in the world to begin living, nor can we wait for when the time is “right”…..sometimes leaping and having faith is what our soul asks for.  You do know what you want your life to feel and look like.  And it does sometimes require you to stop to remember what your vision is, and to rediscover and redefine what you want.  We let layers of guilt, fear, old stories, and beliefs limit us and often get in our way from what we desire.  Free yourself up and let go of those stories that no longer serve you.  Make some space for what you want.

I believe that you hold the answers and solutions to your struggles, your doubts, your challenges, and that you do have unique gifts to share with the world.  I believe that you have the personal power and courage to take action to move yourself in the direction of what you want…..I believe that you know how you want to feel, and how you want to live.  I also believe in the power of support, of connection, of non-judgmental coaching, and accountability, to empower you to live into your story and perhaps, if it’s time, to tell a new story or two.

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