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Tell your story

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver, poet & author

If you are ready to take the next step….I am ready to stand beside you and cheer you into your vision of what you desire.

If your story is speaking to you and needs space to be told, maybe it is time to listen to what it has to say.

What do you really want right now for yourself?

Where in your life are you ready to rock it out?  Live out loud and go for it!

Do you want to tell a new story in some part of your life?


Are you ready to have a coach and cheerleader to champion you along the way of living your vision?

Are you in the midst of a transition  – job, career, life changes, relationship changes, a geographic move, a new situation – or simply feeling the need to make a shift in some part of your life ?  Maybe you are not quite certain what changes need to happen, yet you feel a stirring in your heart, your soul…..imagine what could happen if you listened to that stirring, wish or desire….

I get amped up and excited to be a part of the transformation that comes when people start sharing who they are and listening for the intuitive wisdom that lives within each of us.  Those blocks and walls that we create can be dismantled and dissolve away – yes, it takes some strength, committment and courage to do so though.  I myself have experienced the power of looking at life with both eyes wide open to make the changes that are desired.  It’s hard and uncomfortable, and creates an anxious, queasy feeling (at least for me!), and just downright sucks sometimes.   But what is the cost of staying right where you are?  When you become fully aware of what causes you to get stuck, you can own our personal power to make the changes you want.  You can tell a new story that opens possibilities and hope.

Your life is always calling to you and telling you what you need.  You only need to listen.

Let your stories flow and revisit and remember who you are and what you want.  Trust those whispers – they will not stop speaking to you until you give them voice.  And they will always lead you to living authentically and fully – to the life you are here to live.


Who I work with

Job seekers, entrepreneurs, career changers, artists, moms, university students, international professionals,….and those who are open to challenging themselves to look at what they want and to take the steps to create their vision of their fullest, richest life.

My clients seek balance in work and life, clarity, renewed energy, fresh perspectives, and courage to take risks.

My clients find and experience more ease and grace, fun, play, joy, and calm in their lives.

My clients are empowered to take steps forward, to discover what they do want and what it feels like to live life true to who they are.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a synergy between client and coach, a partnership focused on moving you from the present in the direction of and towards your goals, and dreams and visions in the future.

Coaching is solution focused

Coaching is a creative, action-oriented process

Coaching brings about sustainable change and transformation


I am a Certified Core Energy Coach via iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching™ process and Energy Leadership™ framework. The Core Energy Coaching process helps bring out the potential in people by tapping into their inner purpose and passion and connect that with outer goals and tasks to bring sustainable and desired results.


What you can expect from coaching with me:

* a supportive space for you to listen to your own intuitive wisdom

* an honest and straightforward approach

* empowering questions to challenge you to focus on what you want

* accountability to your actions and goals

* a cheerleader who will celebrate your successes with you

*a creative approach to problem solving


What I expect from my clients:

* a committment to yourself and the process

* being honest with yourself

* a readiness to learn, grow and stretch beyond your comfort zone

* to show up as yourself and be present to what comes up for you


Interested in a complimentary discovery session?

Reach out to learn more.